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Pennonia's Azure Shimmer (Shimmer only, no ink!)


You can add a small bottle of Pennonia's Azure shimmer to your order, and you can add as much (or as little) to your ink as you'd like. I love the effect this shimmer gives Borahae. The shimmer is fairly subtle, but it adds a little something special to the ink. I suggest mixing the shimmer into some ink in a sample vial, and not directly into the bottle, but you do you. I haven't experienced any clogging from this shimmer so far. It's very fine. You can add the shimmer to other inks, too, as the shimmer base is clear.

*Warnings: It's shimmer. It could clog your pen if you add too much, and you should use it in pens that are easy to clean. Use at your own risk. I can't be responsible for any issues caused by shimmer. That said, I haven't had any issues from it.

15g bottles of shimmer.

*International shipping is a guess, and if it's less then I'll do some refunding. Sorry for the uncertainty!

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