*It's back!* Pennonia x Inkdependence Borahae! (Ink only, no shimmer)


Has Mike, known purple-hater, changed his mind about purple inks? Yep! After years of grudgingly enjoying purple inks, I've turned a corner and I decided to celebrate with a purple ink! Borahae means "I purple you" in Korean, and is a word coined by Kim Taehyung of BTS. You don't have to be a BTS fan to love this ink, but I am, and I do.

Borahae is a beautifully cool-toned purple ink with a hint of green sheen. It's a little on the wet side of medium flow. There are a variety of pictures of the ink here in different lighting conditions. Purples are notoriously difficult to photograph, so I went for a variety.

But wait: There's more!

Add a little bottle of shimmer to your order to mix in with your ink (I do it a sample vial at a time), and your awesome Borahae gets even more awesome! And you can add it to other inks, too. Check it out in the store!

60ml (2oz) glass bottles of ink. Handmade in Hungary.

Ships first class in the USA @ $6 for the first bottle, and each additional adds $2.

International shipping will be tracked through Pirate Ship, and it usually takes 1-3 weeks. (If the shipping cost is wildly expensive I may have to contact you and work our something. I'm sure you know how that goes.)

Use the code PENSHOWPICKUP at checkout to skip the shipping and I'll bring your goods to the Baltimore Pen Show in March.

It's really cold in some places, so if you're in a place that is too cold to ship ink safely, leave a note on the order to hold it (and for how long) and I'll delay the shipping for you.

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